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Tuesday, 24 March 2009


From creating my film i had to refer back to other sources of media such as nspcc adverts, to include such detail that i needed to maintain the same meaning and effect as a professional child abuse advert. My title sequence contains images that are childlike, such as drawings, and props such as a teddy bear and a small handbag to visualise a young factor. i used many samples of videos, that i found from you tube to refer back to my title sequence, i looked carefully at all prospects such as cinematography, mise-en-scene, sound, editing and typography to see how my film could develop these ideas to create a similar reference. i feel my film has challenged an actual real child abuse sequence as my film has tried to include all neccesary factors only including the most important but as many nspcc adverts are so succesfull and reach viewers emotionally quite harshly i feel my film was challenged to keep up with the same values, so my group tried to include the same technique in our title sequence.

My media product represents the social group of young neglected, or abused children, I feel it represents children that are going through this experience at a time when they are being abused in the same way. it represents a social group of children that have no one to turn to and need help or need someone to talk to that can offer them advice and support. We chose to use Josie's sister as she is not only a young child but she seemed to have the characteristics and the potential to act out a very meaningful character. She also seemed so natural in front of the camera when presenting the teddy bear and the bag using childlike factors to represent the genre of young children.

a Media product such as this would have to be given some thought about who would distribute it, I think that a large company such as new line cinema would present this, as a factor such as child abuse effects a wide range of people, and it would interest people to no how serious the effect of child abuse is and how it is causing young children stress and pain and a feeling of emotional heartbreak whilst growing up. i feel that good sponsors for a film such as this would be the nspcc or barnardos as they are not only helping to get the message across but they are raising awareness about child abuse and are a charity in themselves that are trying to help. i don't no wether it would be british or american because it is such a global effect, it effects everyone everywhere, not just in one particular place, i think as america being a larger country with a very high success rate of successfull movies i would think an american company would distribute it to get as much out of it as they could so that many viewers would see it and hopefully acknowledge the messgae that was being sent within the movie.

I have researched into what sort of audience would watch my film and i think the main targets would probably be single mothers who feel they cannot cope and need help or single mothers that have been abusing and need to realize that what they are doing is wrong. i think the main audience is females of all kinds as they are more of the emotional gender and many women viewers have children of there own and may be really good parents that feel sorry for those less fortunate and in some way want to help, i also feel that young children who are being abused may appeal to this as they will be able to see that they are not only and there are many children who are going through the same thing and many are rescued and helped get by, which could influence there hopes of receiving help from others who care. I think my film would appeal to a feamle audience of about 18-38 of all classes as anyone and everyone can possible be treated in this way money of value cannot prevent such a factor as this.

i attracted my audience by using every day situations that a child goes through, and how although a child may be an emotional damaged wreck inside they find pleasure out of the most smallest things in life, the music that i have used is quite slow and involving and causes emotions to run high when watching causing emotions of sympathy and pity. i have attracted the audience using a small young vulnerable child who cannot defend herself in any way from such hard abuse. i also have used locations where young children are often found with families enjoying the life and spending quality time with parents, but i have introduced the character to be alone to cause a sense of more sympathy, my audience will be attracted to this as it effects the emotions more than anything making them think and feel maybe what my character is feeling.

From using many technologies such as imovie and final cut pro i have realized that you can make something so simple and rough into something so emotional with a true meaning, i found it gave me a range of choices in what i could do with my movie letting me experiment with different effects to see what I could make my film into, it gave me the chance to make my title sequence the best it could be. imovie I found really helpful it has so many different techniques to link all my shots together and to make it a clear cut performance and of professional quality. Final cut pro was also so helpful it again gave me a range of choices. i managed to experiment with sound, my shots just to make it so perfect and to create the effect that i really wanted to create.

From creating my continuity task to the title sequence i have just made, i have realized how important it is to plan ahead and to make sure everything is perfect before beginning to shoot, without missing anything out, i have also learnt that there are so many extra things you can do to make a movie perfect and to give it the best quality you can. from looking at my continuity piece then looking and my title sequence, they look so different, my continuity piece seems rush, unfinished, messy and altogether very unprofessional, it doesn't seem that any effort went into it at all. but then looking at my title sequence it seems so much more professional and looks as if a lot more effort has been put into it, i have learnt that tasks such as these to create a positive effect and professional movie it cannot be rushed so much care and attention has to be put into it so that all vital situations are brought into the movie and that nothing seems rough or unfinished, but i have learnt there are so many things along the way that can help to create the finished effect I really wanted to create.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Costumes And Props!

We had to clearly think about what sort of props we needed to make a film work but addsing childlike props in it. We instantly thought straight away the most idealistic childlike prop is a teddybear as every child has one when they are younger it is like a symbol of their age and some children confide in them like a friend, and i think this worked well in our film, as our child is getting neglected and her teddybear is as if it is her only friend to confide into and it is the only person she can talk to, but we also wanted to tell a story by using some props and the teddybear shopws a little bit of the story highlgihting neglect, but we needed something to tell the story of a family, then we thought of a book, including photos but also including her thoughts and feelings about her life, as we are not using speech in our film, we thought this was a good idea, to show how our child feels about her present life. to contain both items we used a childlike girly bage, pink buit quite small just big enogh to contain the teddybear and the book so she isnt carrying them everywhere, as the minute they are taken from the bagt we want them to be of some importance so it isn't like they are dragged the whole way through the film without any meaning.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Addng Titles

We wanted to add the titles as a group decision, but unfortunately josie was not well this day so we had to make the decisio without her we have rougly placed variouse names during the sequence, but can be moved when a more detailed decision is made, we created different titles such as the directors, producers, and also characters, me and kim just made a varied decision as what to d as josie was not in, when the computers are up and running again we will make a detailed decision.


i have put the music onto a cd and it is all ready to go oto the computer but the apple macs are not workig as dont have enough mmory so i have not been able to put the music on as it would not work before half term and will not work now, as soon as the computers are working again the music will be uploaded and be abe to be placed int the film i have had this ready for a while but had no cd's to transfer the music onto but it has been done for a few wekks now but havent been able to work the mac's.

Continuity Piece

a wile back we got set a task for a continuity peace which involving filming and editing a character opening a door, crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character, with whom she/he then exchanges a couple of lines of dialogue. This task should demonstrate match on action, shot/reverse shot and the 180-degree rule. this peace of work is still waiting to be uploaded and will be up shortly.

Importance Of Opening Title Sequences!

Title sequences are a very, important part of the film and are powerful if done properly. A bad title sequence leaves the audience dissapointed with not only the beginning and will not ingage the audience to the film. opening sequences are what draws the audence in and there first imprestions of the film, this is the same affect that we want ours to give thats why we want to do a few ectra shots but todays the deadline and all so... i think we may work back into this as i hate things not finished and undone, everything needs to be perfect and up to my standerds and at the moment its not . Title sequences are the beginning of the film and they tell a slight part of the story, they are used to invite poeple into the film and to make them want to watch it further, an opening title sequence can decide poeplesa thoughts about the film and decides the first instincts of what they are seeing so it is important to make an opening title sequence interesting formal presentative and professional to give out the best possible positive effect.

A Resemblance!

i also came across this video, which resembles mine quite well even though it is in the style of animation, it has the same childlike figure drawings that are shown in my film, but in this clip they have a different purpose,the video is clearly meant to effect a large member of audiences to see how they feel and their reactions of child abuse, which is the same purpose of my video i want to see how poeple feel about child abuse after watching my film. this video tells a story through a childs drawing which also is shown in my film as my character slightly tells the story of her family through a picture.the film also resembles mine, as we both use the child to draw the picture and to tell her story.